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Free success planner | How to increase productivity in 2020

Learn how to set long-term goals and conquer them with a free success planner!

What’s holding you back from success? I bet you can reply with at least 10 excuses without even trying.

Meanwhile, did you count yourself as one of the reasons for failing? The biggest obstacle between you and success is your lack of action!

For this reason, the first obstacle you need to overcome is to stop holding yourself back!

In order to unlock your potential, you need a bold vision of personal success, as well as a system of personal accountability that helps you grow toward that vision.

What is a success planner?

Success planner is a goal tracking system that accounts for measurable progress over time.

By using this free success planner, you will get started on the fast track to achieving your lifelong ambitions. Having meaningful goals and a system to help you achieve them is a life changing combination.

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How to set long-term goals

In order to set long-term goals, you need to bring your vision of personal success into focus. In doing that, you will better understand exactly what you want to achieve and who you want to become in the next 5 to 10 years, or longer.

The ability to visualize an image of personal success is the best productivity hack, because it produces a clear purpose. Having a clear purpose is a needful source of strength as you tackle your biggest challenges.

However, without a good success plan, you may waste your time and potential on wrong decisions.

long-term goals | long term goals

Psychologist Gail Matthews of the Dominican University of California conducted a study on setting goals. Results of the study reveal that you can boost efficiency in achieving goals by 33%, simply by writing down your goals.

With this success planner, you can boost those odds easily. Furthermore, it will set a foundation for building and sustaining good habit patterns.

By utilizing this success planner diligently, you stand to immediately improve your health, finances and personal growth.

Bonus tip:

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Benefits of the Free Success Planner

Success planner is the best action plan for achieving your long-term goals, because it can turn big plans into small tasks.

To make your own short-term goals, simply make a list of the biggest obstacles standing between you and success. Afterwards, prioritize between your obstacles and pin this list to a visible place.

Success planner helps you achieve your long-term goals by keeping you accountable to your short-term goals.

Free Monthly Success Planner package includes:

  • Weekly planner
  • Weekly growth journal
  • Monthly planner
  • Monthly growth journal

From years of experience, I have learned that success planning is all about keeping it simple and relevant. Therefore, this success planner utilizes the Pareto’s principle, a productivity hack which brings your most productive habits into focus.

I personally use this success planner to maintain my daily productivity. Whenever I hit a productivity slump, my success planner guides me back on track and my clear purpose gives me a second wind.


The insane efficiency of this success planner comes from the idea of 3 types of habits which most affect your lifestyle. If you haven’t read that article, then I suggest you do it now. Afterwards, come back and learn how to use your new success planner.

How to use the Free Success Planner

In this chapter, you can learn how to use this success planner. However, I encourage you to go ahead and subscribe now for your own success planner!

Free Success Planner comes with simple step-by-step instructions.

Therefore, in just a few short minutes you will learn to how to use the success planner, as well as how to adapt it to your own personal goals and preferences.

1. Set smart short-term goals

As mentioned before, long-term goals help you highlight the biggest obstacles in your journey, so that you can set an action plan for overcoming them.

2. Set goals in your monthly planner

Remember to keep it simple and relevant. Focus on a handful of tasks that will make the biggest impact to your growth.

3. Set goals in your weekly planner

Now that you have your monthly goals in place, it’s time to break them down into manageable tasks with your weekly planner. Make sure to keep it simple with only a few weekly goals.

4. Score your weekly performance

At the end of every week, you can score your weekly productivity in a matter of seconds! You don’t have to set aside hours to review your progress, because the planner is tailored to help you focus on results.

5. Evaluate your performance in the weekly growth journal

Weekly growth journal enables you to evaluate your performance for the week. This quick review system will help you make the following week even more productive, by drilling down on your strengths and weaknesses.

6. Log your weekly performance in the monthly planner

Each week, or at the end of the month, you have to log your weekly performance into the monthly planner. This will give you a clear overview of your week-over-week performance for the whole month.

7. Score your monthly performance

At the end of each month, rate your weekly performance in your monthly planner score, just as you did in the weekly planner.

8. Evaluate your performance in the monthly growth journal

Fill out your monthly journal just as you did for the weekly journal. I encourage you to be more thorough with your monthly journal. Examine your failures and successes, then strategize the best way to move forward.

Free success planner

Success planner is tailored to save time and boost results. All you need is a few minutes every month to track your personal growth in detail, from your daily routine to your yearly goals.

Health planner

Investing a little bit of time into a few basic health routines will improve your lifelong health, fitness and mental well-being. Meanwhile, keep in mind that sustaining lifelong health and fitness depends largely on avoiding bad health habits. 

Maintain physical fitness:

Physical fitness greatly affects your energy levels which, in turn, affect your ability to consistently follow through with your daily routine.

Work on your nutrition:

Nutrition is also a crucial part of your physical fitness and state of mind. A healthy diet will contribute to your physical fitness in the short-term but, more importantly, it will improve your lifelong health and mindset.

Maintain motivation

Be responsible to your goals, but don’t forget to take care of yourself as well. Stress and poor decision making can easily cost you everything.

“The best health care plan is a self care plan.” – Nina Leavins

Maintaining a healthy mindset is easier said than done, but it’s certainly possible. I have personally struggled with anxiety, depression and poor decision making for a long time, until I replaced my neuroses for meaningful goals.


If you want to know more about how I deal with the obstacles of the mind, then make sure to check out my related articles that teach you how to beat anxiety and how to hack unconscious bias.

Financial planner

Did you know that more than half of the emerging adults are found to be financially precarious (32%) or financially at-risk (36%)?

These findings were recently revealed in a financial literacy study by Children and Youth Services Review.

Hack your own financial education and position yourself in the better half of wealth distribution by using these following habits.


Budgeting simply means that you live within your means and avoid overspending on things which you do not need.

Living within your means ensures that you are using your money to finance your dreams, instead of wasting it on bad decisions.

Monthly financial report

Monthly financial report template doesn’t come with this success planner. However, I encourage you to make one for yourself. Financial report is a simple monthly routine that plays a huge role in achieving financial freedom.

All you need to do is keep track of your income and spending on a monthly basis. This way, at the end of each month you can calculate exactly where your money went and how much you have left.

Financial management

To achieve financial freedom, you must learn how to manage your savings.

I use a 25/75 budget rule, meaning that I save 25% for necessities, while the remaining 75% is allocated to investments. You can make your own ratio however you see fit.

I try to always keep my investment fund money working to produce a safe return on investment.

Growth planner

Regardless of whether you use the growth planner for school, career or other work projects; you can personalize the planner, so that it fits your short-term goals.

In order to achieve your challenging goals, you need to know how to deal with challenging work.

Pareto’s principle prioritization

The Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This means that 20% of your work will produce 80% of your results.

Success planner helps you utilize Pareto’s principle in order to narrow down your effort to the several most important activities for your personal growth.

Deep learning

Deep learning is a term usually used to describe machine learning as it applies to artificial neural networks. Also known as deep structural learning or hierarchical learning, it presents a concept of learning for a dedicated purpose.

Deep work

Deep work is a term coined by Cal Newport in his book ‘Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World’. Also known as the flow state, the term means to focus deeply on a demanding task.


To learn about the benefits of building a career rather then holding a job, check out the related articles about career transition and career development.


Let’s summarize the key lessons from the article:

  1. Clear vision of your greatest ambition reveals your long-term goals.
  2. Long-term goals reveal your short-term obstacles.
  3. Success planner helps you overcome short-term obstacles.
  4. Health planner helps you maintain physical and mental well-being.
  5. Financial planner helps you manage money and finance your dreams.
  6. Growth planner helps focus your effort to the most productive activities.

If you can foster meaningful life goals and adopt this system of personal accountability, then you will get started on a fast track to accomplishing your lifelong ambitions!

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