About us

Dear reader,

You must be wondering what makes this website a valuable resource for you. You might also be wondering who am I and what’s my story. This page will answer all of those questions thoroughly.

What does Eager To Make It mean, and why should you care?

Eager to make it is more than merely a name, it’s a rallying cry. It’s a philosophy that drove me to succeed in life and that still drives me forward today. This philosophy brought me from a life of depression, poverty and limitation to a life of fulfillment, choices and opportunity.

My goal is to share that philosophy of success with you. This website is dedicated for you. The person who is eager to grow and make it in life – in whatever way you feel driven to make it.

Eager to escape a life of adversity, to succeed, to make your dreams comes true, to grow a business, to build a career, to build a generational wealth and provide your family with the opportunities in life which they deserve.

How will I provide value for you?

  • Relevant and practical topics

You can rely on the content being relevant to the real daily struggles and obstacles that you encounter in the workplace, in society and in life.

  • No nonsense approach

You will receive the knowledge, hacks and strategies to deal with your problems head on with a focus on producing life-changing results.

  • The very best of me

You will receive the benefit of my experience on topics which I’ve studied and practiced for years, which have changed my own life for the better.

  • Consistent dedication

I will always strive to improve the content by making it make it easy for you to read, understand and learn from it. Furthermore, I will strive to make constant improvements to the website, in order for you to easily navigate between the topics and resources.

Who am I and what makes me qualified to teach you about success?

Through reading my articles, you will come to know me thoroughly. However, I want to tell you my success story. Hopefully, knowing more about my own escape from adversity will help you understand me better and draw some inspiration for your own struggle.

My humble beginning

I was born in Croatia, just as the war of independence was starting. This marked a rough start for my life, followed by a difficult childhood of struggling with poverty in a war torn family and country.

By the age of 14, I ended up in a juvenile detention center and was moved around the country several times in the following years.

When I reached 18 years of age, I quit school and started living on my own, fending for myself. At the same time I was struggling with severe depression and anxiety, which made normal living all the more challenging.

I worked various odd jobs, but mostly as a waiter and bartender. Hospitality work didn’t suit my personality and anxieties in the least. However, it was an industry with a high demand for low skill labor which provided a good pay.

Rock bottom

I had a poor choice in friends and poor money management skills. I was living month to month, always dragging debts and postponing responsibilities.

Eventually I lost my job and, being broke, friends and support were nowhere to be found. Before I could find another job I lost my apartment due to owing rents. At 22 years of age I reached my rock bottom. I became homeless and, therefore, unemployable.

I retreated to my village house to live with my father who was mentally crippled from the war. With no money, big debts and with no chance of finding a job – I was inches away from committing suicide. Fortunately, I had no courage to go through with it.

I remained there for the following 3 years, aside from a few months of seasonal work during the summer. The seasons merely paid for my living expenses and enabled me to work off some of my debts.

Finding a purpose

I spent my time in isolation, studying philosophy, psychology and eventually personal growth. I was writing constantly in a last ditch effort of trying to make sense of life and finding a path for myself other than suicide. Eager to make it became the words to live by.

During those 3 years I wrote 2 books and a number of manuscripts. While I had ideas of trying to publish them someday, they were not written for an audience.

Instead, they helped me organize my thoughts and ideas from a chaotic state into a singular system of knowledge – a philosophy of conquering life.

Rise to prosperity

Eventually I decided to put my philosophy to a test by doing everything right. As a result, opportunities started opening up for me where ever I turned. With my seasonal job I was even promoted to an operations manager, because I had proven myself trustworthy, hard working and driven.

I seized the opportunity, determined to see how my system of knowledge would serve me in business. I had a lot to learn about business management, but my philosophy was guiding me flawlessly in surpassing all obstacles which I encountered.

For the first year, while I was still learning to manage, we achieved record revenue since the club inception nearly 20 years earlier. With this taste of success, I fell in love with business and all its challenges. The problem solving, optimizing, planning and strategizing; I loved every minute of it.

For this success, I was promoted to general manager. In the following two years I put myself and my philosophy to harshest tests, coming out ahead every time. The club revenue grew at a pace of 25% year over year.

In the meantime I complemented my passion for business by learning about public companies and value investing. This, in turn, upgraded my philosophy and financial management skills to a whole new level.

Needless to say I got rid of all my lifelong debts and bought everything that I needed and wanted. I even accrued a decent capital, part of which i put into U.S. stock market with my value investment strategy. The rest I decided to use to make something more of my life.

I decided to double down in my efforts to grow and went to live abroad in order to emulate my success on a larger scale. I’ve moved to Tenerife, Spain in November 2018th and now I’m building a new life here.

Sharing the wealth

Since my emigration I’ve faced many challenges. Some of which included learning a new language, adapting to a different way of doing business and being treated as a second class citizen. Even so, my philosophy had proven itself useful again and helped me persevere in spite of the challenges.

At this point, my situation is stable and I’m enjoying the plentiful fruits of my labor. However, I am now eager to make it more than ever. For this reason, I’ve decided to start this website.

I want to share with you my knowledge and the philosophy which drove me from abject poverty to financial success, from a suicidal state to a life of purpose and fulfilment.

Eager to make it

There you have it. My name is Tomislav and I am eager to help you make it!

Let’s connect! What do you think about my story? Write a comment, send me an e-mail. I would love to get to know you and hear your story as well.